Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Safety in Numbers

My business partner, Ellen, is a woman who terrifies me. She is a brilliant, petite blonde who is a total firecracker. She runs marathons; she has written articles for magazines; she has owned a boutique in the Village...and not to be a total name dropper, but she also dated Jon Stewart about ten seconds before he became famous. Ellen works out with a trainer three days a week at Equinox; she owns a spectacular apartment with panoramic city views; and her closet could easily be mistaken as an outpost of Bergdorf Goodman...filled with more Prada and Chloé than you could shake a stick at. She finishes the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle every weekend with nary a mistake. She has a wicked sense of humor and is universally adored by all of our clients and co-workers alike. Ellen comes from a wonderful family who gave her the best education money could buy - along with frequent trips around the hone her shopping, skiing, and scuba diving skills to boot. Did I mention that she is always perfectly plucked, groomed, and manicured at all times as well?

The problem, you wonder? She is 40-years old and single. She has never been married, never had a child, and hasn't even had a boyfriend in the past three years. Ellen goes home every night and watches television alone; she cooks a healthy dinner for one to eat at her dining table by herself; and at bed-time, she crawls solo into her Frette-laden bed wondering things like "Is it too late to freeze my eggs?" and "Why aren't Russian mail order grooms available?"

Ellen's three dating options are as follows: 1) Going to bars in a low cut top 2) Paying a match maker $10,000 to find her a husband 3) Putting her photo up on every online dating service known to the world wide web. She chose option three and is thus a active member of Match, J-Date, and e-Harmony. In the past three years, she has endured countless blind dates and over time her desired age range has gone from 35 to 45, to 30 to 50, and now I think she is somewhere between 24 and 67 years of age for her "ideal match." God help her...another couple years of singlehood and Ellen might end up as the only girl on a dating website willing to date any man between the ages of 18 to 99, of any race, any religion, any income...with the sole requirement of having a pulse.

However - back to me, for a moment. The Muppet called. I did not respond. He called again. I picked up the phone the second time and we had a pretty good conversation. The guy really is charming and told me about his ups and downs of hosting 11 house guests at his Hamptons estate last weekend. He is going to the U.S. Open tennis final this weekend and he is heading off to a big charity event tomorrow. I must admit, looks aside - he is definitely not a loser. I am still not attracted to him, but I do recognize his finer qualities....which got me thinking back to Ellen. She would love him. O.K. to be honest, she would love pretty much anyone at this point - but then I started to imagine it. They could host me at their Hamptons house next Summer! They could invite me to join their table at a fancy charity ball at the Waldorf. They could even give me their U.S. Open tickets if they aren't using them next year as a little "thank you" for setting them up. It was perfect, really....I would love his lifestyle, but just without having to date him...and Ellen could have a "happily ever after" so I don't have to look at her and wonder if that will be me at 40? Alone...and illuminated by the glow of Match.Com on my laptop screen as I slowly go infertile! Argh! Banish the thought!

The Muppet ended our phone call by asking me out on a second date and I managed to convince him that I am so crazy busy, that if he wants to get together at all next week it would have to be a "group thing" and to please agree to join me and a friend or two....or else it would be two or three weeks before I am available again. He bought it and we settled on Monday night.

Ellen is totally up for trying the old "switcheroo game" and hopefully the Muppet will be easily volleyed into her court. We are going to try to find a second guy...a eunuch preferably, who can also join in on the game plan and can convince Muppet that I would be the mistake of a lifetime and that Ellen is the real catch of the two of us? Hmmmmm!

Would this, could this work? We all know the benefits of recycling cans, paper, and plastic - but men? Certainly worth a shot.


Agnes Mildew said...

Thanks for coming by to the blog. Your friend is on a hiding to nowhere with etc. I've tried them all, I'll even write some reviews for her if she wants! I think she should revert to option 1. Needs must when the devil drives, unfortunately! Fingers crossed for love at first sight between her and the Muppet.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Fingers crossed on the ol' switcheroo, although men seem to want you more when you don't want them. I agree with Agnes on the Match thing. In fact I would love to see women take themselves offline in an attempt to force men to ask us out again. I think we are making things too easy for them with these online shennanigans. I also think the men in NY are just a bit odd...too much choice perhaps? Good luck to you both.

Ha Ha Sound said...

Cool blog. Yours basically seems like the female version of mine (30 something guy in NYC seeks girlfriend).

Good luck with the switcheroo, but honestly not 100% convinced it'll work. If the guy likes you (and, based on the fact that he keeps calling, it seems like he does), he may not be into being fobbed off onto your friend (as wonderful as she probably is).

In any case, good luck with it. Should make for some interesting blogging. =+)

modelbehavior said...

Setting people up always comes back to haunt me.

But good luck!

PS I love the Muppet. He sounds fab.

PPS I hope it wasn't his Hamptons estate I crashed this weekend. Probably not, because where I stayed resembled a bomb shelter and I'm sure his place is beautiful.

Britt said...

Hey Fish and Agnes...I'd love to see Ellen go off Match. In three years...she has had zero success on it! Poor her!

Ha Ha Sound...I hear you on the difficulties of pulling of the 'ole switcheroo - this is probably my 3rd or 4th unsuccessful attempt at it. I am really trying to score one for the team though still!

Hey Model Behavior...his Hamptons house is apparently in Water Mill with 5 bedrooms, a pool, and a tennis court - with no full time staff - and one of his weekend house guests had a Maltese. If all this sounds familiar....and it DID resemble a bomb shelter - let me know! I'll warn Ellen...but I'm sure that will do very little to dissuade her, nonetheless! :-)

kitty said...

hm....your partner sounds way too sophisticated for this guy. But who knows?
I don't think ppl who don't live in ny know how hard it can be in the City. I guess that's why they created Carrie and her friends.

let us know how it goes!

mickie said...

Hi,thanks for the comments on the other Britney. You write so well. I can visualize the whole scenario the way you describe it.
Be careful matching up your friend so quickly after meeting the muppet. What if they end up together and you realize that it could have been great or what if he's insulted that you tried to pawn him off? I think you have the makings of a soap opera, maybe ABC might be interested. I'd watch.

Marilyn said...

Good words.