Monday, June 4, 2007

Ready to Join the Circus

I have been stalking a street performer lately. I know - it sounds crazy....but it is Summer in Manhattan, it is sizzling hot....and so is he! I came across him when I was walking my Yorkie, Edith Piaf - in Washington Square Park. Well, actually I noticed his gorgeous friend first who plays the accordion. Accordion man looks like James Dean with a perpetual scowl and eye contact is completely out of the question - except one time when Edith Piaf almost peed on his stool, but never mind about that.

I have been flirting for weeks with the Rebel without a Clue and getting literally nowhere despite the almost daily dollar bills I toss in the hat of the band he plays I moved on to number two - the swing dancer - in the interest of time and pride. A girl has got to know when to cut her losses in this town.

Lord of the Dance rules his corner of the park with a petite red head as his dance partner.....while the band plays a jumping New Orleans style jazz. I was about 28 dollars in when I scored his digits.....and a date. Let's hope he can find somewhere to take a shower before he takes me out. He lives in a flop house in Harlem; he arrived in NYC a month ago by train jumping from Louisiana; and he called me "ma'am"....divine!

Maybe I should have given him a quarter to ensure a phone call as you know this one doesn't have a cell phone? In any case - when Fred calls, consider Ginger ready!

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BoyCrazy said...

The street-performer sounds like a drool-worthy find! Can't wait to see if he sweeps you off your feet! Great blog!!!!!